Posted on November 21, 2011 at 8:51 pm by Ian No Comment

After our Fall/Winter look-book shoot part “Numero Uno”, the Egonomics crew was pretty hungry.
We decided to get a burger… a GOOD burger! So why not try a new place?!
Our photographer Mark Andrew decided to go to STACKED in fashion valley…
..Let me tell you one thing about this place. AMAZING! Best burger I’ve ever had.
Wait was long because it was a lot of us but besides that nothing to complain. You order and customize anything from food to dessert out of an iPad!
Service was pretty delightful even though you don’t interact with someone as much as any other place, But that’s what makes this place different. Best part about that is that you can separate your order into 8 different checks. Pay on the iPad too ;)


STACKED burger

STACKED ice cream

Empty plate

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