JSmooth x Egonomics Lifestyle Exclusive Interview

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Many of you already know JSmooth, our first sponsored artist. We have collabed on a photoshoot and also his Electric Relaxation music video so far.
So here is a quick interview to get to know him a little better.

Also don’t forget to check out his website!! “JON”

Enjoy :)

Ego: When did you start making music?
JSmooth: I started making music at the age of 12… I wasn’t too serious with it at that point. Just made beats and wrote lyrics here and there.
Ego: We are glad it became serious because as many of your fans, we enjoy your music.

Ego: What inspires you to make music?
JSmooth:  Everyday life, past experiences, my friends and family and good vibes.
Ego: Right on point with that one  bro. Best types of inspiration.

Ego:  Where do you want to be and where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
JSmooth: In 5yrs?…. Probably in my home studio working on a new album… AND collaborating with the Egonomics fam of course.
Ego: Hahaha by then i’m sure we’ll all be doing big things! #NoCocky though haha. Confidence is everything. You’re very humble bro.

Ego: When you’re not making music, what are you doing for fun? any hobbies?
JSmooth:  Honestly… Making music is all I do when I’m not making music (sounds weird I know). I enjoy it way too much. Creation is a great feeling.
Ego: Music seems to be what you should be doing. Don’t stop ever!!

Ego: So we all know Da kids favorite crush is that’s so RAVENN! haha Do you have any celebrity crushes as well?
JSmooth: Hahaa… I’m not gonna lie to you I don’t have any. I HAD one… It was Kim K… But she destroyed herself… she looks like a alien to me now.
Ego: You’re right. She’s just not the same. I think her hype is going down.

Ego: You find a magical bong and take a hit, out comes the almighty gonja, he grants you 3 wishes. what do you wish for?
JSmooth:  Well since I would have already been in posession of this magical bong… I’d wish for world peace, no government secrecy, and for Martin Luther King to be alive.
Ego: Not bad at all. Seriously Government secrecy please. Just the other day I was watching some show about Area 51. Sometimes Find it funny how they tried to cover it up but come on. How can you lie about that lol.

Ego: Heard you started a fantasy league, hows that going?
JSmooth:  Its going good actually. My girl is in it and she takes it really serious. Every sunday is full of laughs now.
Ego: That’s good that she’s also into that and you guys can do more together. After meeting you guys, it’s safe to say you guys make a good couple!

Ego: We see that you like to visit California, do you ever plan to move here?
JSmooth: Yes… Trust me if I could move right now I’d do it. I enjoy Cali everytime I visit… It must be because of the weather there.
Ego: Not going to lie but yes, the weather can be pretty amazing here!! Move out here ASAP bro! haha

Ego: Have you been working on any new music? any upcoming songs, mixtapes, albums? anything you want to let your fans know about?
JSmooth: Yes… I’m always working on new projects and new material. Right at this moment I am preparing to release the 2nd installment of “The Sessionz”. That will be available for free download in a couple weeks and I’ll fill everyone in on the release date for that when know it. I’m also working on a mixtape solely produced by one of my in house producers by the name of Knoxs and afterwards I’ll be “secretly” working on my album “Neon Lights”. The mixtape with Knoxs isn’t officially titled yet.

I want my fans to know that I am working… I just need them to stay patient but at the same time spread the word and piss people off on the web every now and then. Other than that I hope they enjoy the new music & music videos that they will be able to listen to and watch in the future.
Ego: I guess you’re right, ALWAYS making music. Well WE can’t wait for more music from you. Keep us posted and up to date! Maybe next year we can give your fans more music videos for them to enjoy. It’s been fun working with you and looking forward to any work the future brings us. Keep up the good work and stay confident bro. You got this! #NoCocky!! and thanks for your time. that’s a wrap!

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